you need
  • - even beads;
  • - needle;
  • - strand (monofilament fishing line or 0.2 mm);
Measure the thread length of approximately 2 m around. Begin stringing beads from right to left, creating the first row of weaving.Put a bead and pass the needle through it from the other side and tighten.Push the needle on the second bead and go through the first bead, forming a circular loop.Bring the needle through the second bead just typed.Again tighten the thread to 2 beads tightly pressed together.
Pass the next bead and then make a circular turn, passing through the previous and again through a new bead.Tighten thread.
Then continue weaving this chain, repeating the previous steps until you have added all the beads to a certain len
From the second row of weaving work from left to right.Enter the first 2 beads, and then thread the needle under the loop of thread connecting the two lower beads of the first row.Give up the thread until two new beads are not tightly pressed to the first row.
Return, vdev needle through the last added bead of the second row and tighten.Type the following bead of the second row, insert the needle at the next thread-loop between the 2 lower row of beads and go back through the bead, which had just been added.
Braid next row in the same way, but follow the movement of the thread in the opposite direction.Next, place the beads in rows, like putting bricks in the wall during the construction of the building.Change the direction of the thread each side, moving back and forth in accordance with the pattern and moving up the web.
If you want to narrow the width of the netting, the decrease can be done in the following ways: type in the beginning of the series is not 2 beads, and one by one, then the region will be narrowed.And with a decrease in number in the middle of weaving the two loops propletite one bead or just miss one loop, and caught the next one propletite.
Zoom canvas in two ways.By increasing the canvas around the edges, type 2 beads at the beginning and end of the series type in one more additional bead, caught on the extreme-thread loop.In the process of increasing the number in the middle of weaving, propletite one loop two beads at a time, first one, then put bead and hooked on the same loop.
After netting the remaining end of the thread is better to hide to weave not dissolve, and there is no need to make a big knot.Please skip to the remainder of the needle thread in a chaotic manner through the beads weaving, then the remaining end of the thread cut.In the same way you can add or insert a new string and continue weaving.