you need
  • - Tape;
  • - scissors.
Even the simplest bow can look very beautiful if neatly tied.The tape should be sufficiently soft.Before tying the bow on the hair, work out on anything.For example, a pencil.Fold the strip in half.Between the ends, insert a pencil, so he came in contact with the fold.Tie the ends of the ribbon single node.
Bend the ends of the ribbon half.Tie one single unit.It is most convenient to make the placing on the fold lines index fingers, about the same as in the previous step you have inserted a pencil.Spread the bow.This bow tie is possible even from a short tape .Tying it to the head, imagine that instead of
the bundle of hair in your hands the same pencil where you experimented.
If you have a long tape, you can tie a bow complicated.The first step is exactly the same - it is necessary to tie a ribbon on the topknot single node.Then bend ends tape, but not two, as in the previous case, but closer to the node, approximately 1/4 of the length.Tie a single knot.Then bend the loose ends, this time - in the middle and make another knot.You have turned a double bow .
Even a single bow will look very impressive, if you spin the edges of the tapes.To do this, leave the long ends.Screw can be very ordinary curling irons.If you have a nylon or other synthetic tape , make sure that the temperature is not too high, otherwise all your work can go down the drain.
of thin synthetic tape best thing to do rabid bow.They can decorate the packaging.Tape should be long enough.You will need a little more fine ribbons, preferably of the same color.Wrap tape on hand, making a dozen turns.The resulting roll of flatten so that the creases are not formed.Bend cut corners.
Align the corners.Tie a bow in the other place ribbon.The node should turn strong to not bow untied.Spread the "wings" bow and so they are spaced evenly.