Start knit cat from the lower legs.Tie a double ring and tie its six columns.Second row knit on two columns in each column of the first row to receive the 12 columns.In the third row bars provyazyvayte the rear handle of one bar in each column of the second row.Thus, the rise of knitting.
fourth series continues to knit two arch - knit 12 columns, and then change the color of the thread, which you will knit pants kitten.Pick up a contrasting thread hook and pull it through the last loop of white.Pull tip white yarn and
knit a spiral thread 12 of a different color bars.
Associate five rows and cut the thread, leaving a small tip.Tighten the end of the loop.Finished the first leg, go to the knitting of the second leg - make the air loop and thread it through the work loop to go up to the next row.Expand crochet and knit four bars without nakida.
Connect the foot, making the second leg air loop and knit connecting column between the legs.Tie a three-column connection to his feet were firmly connected.
Go to the body of a kitten knitting - knit it in a spiral, in the first row provyazyvaya extreme poles, connecting the legs.Tie two or three rows of spiral, then firmly tamp legs kitten holofayber.Again, change the color of the thread and knit the next row of a different color, from knitting sweaters.
Tie new thread has six rows, and in the seventh row start doing subtraction, threading the hook in a subsequent column, capturing thread and stretching it through the column.Then thread the hook into another bar, grab and pull the thread.Stretches a thread as long as you are not on the hook will be three loops.
Pull the thread right through the three loops.Knit the next row, provyazyvaya together every fourth and fifth loop.Subsequently, a number do more subtraction - knit together every 3 and 4 loops.Fasten the thread connecting column and the air loop.The figure will be opening.Tamp the torso through the hole holofayber.
Begin hand knitting - knit the first row of six columns, and then knit in a spiral, in every second column of the first row provyazyvaya on two columns.Change the color of the thread sweaters kitten to form a sleeve, and continue to knit in a spiral three series.Cut the thread and secure it, and then tie another hand.
Now tie the tail - in the first row tie ring with five columns, and then tie the series in seven spiral without subtraction and addition.Fasten the thread.
Begin to knit the head of a cat, a spiral provyazyvaya ball from the usual bars without nakida.Gradually add, subtract and then loops to have a spherical shape.Type in your head through the hole, cover the hole with columns and cut the thread.Tie separately muzzle and ears of a cat.Sew ears and muzzle to his head, and then sew from the nose and beady eyes.Knitted cat is ready.