you need
  • Decoration monochromatic box:
  • - sheets of colored paper;
  • - Clerical glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - line;
  • - pencil;
  • - wide satin ribbon;
  • - thin ribbon.
  • stylish box:
  • - old magazines and newspapers;
  • - glue stick;
  • - scissors.
  • box in wrapping paper:
  • - beautiful wrapping paper;
  • - double-sided tape;
  • - a thin transparent adhesive tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - ready to bow.
Decoration monochromatic korobkiRazberite box apart.The cover cook on the table for decoration, and leave the bottom of the box with a gift, it is not necessary.
Measure ruler strip from a sheet of col
ored paper so that it was a few centimeters narrower than the upper plane of the cover.Cut it out with scissors and place in the middle decorate the surface.Fold the edge of the paper inside the cover and secure with glue.
Take wide satin ribbon.It should be slightly narrower than the color paper.Try to pick up decorations so that they harmonize with each other.Measure a piece of tape with a bend.Cut and place it on top of the paper at the center.Fold and CONNECT.
Cut two thin ribbons of half a meter in length each.Attach one end of the lid and of the free - a lush bow tie in the middle.Replace the cover box with a gift.
Stylish korobkaNarezhte newspaper or magazine sheets into small irregular pieces.Obkleyte their entire surface gift box.Do this carefully, not to the edge of bristled.Dry your product.Put in a decorative gift box .
bumageRasstelite box in the packaging on the table sheet of wrapping paper by putting it face down.Put it box so that the edges of the paper can be connected from the top, leaving no gaps.
Cut a thin double-sided tape on the long strip.Attach it to the edge of one side of the wrapping paper.Wrap the paper, fastened it between a second side of the tape.Try to stick together just a wrapper, it does not cling to the box.
Pull the paper on the box and seal it with tape remaining edge.If somewhere packaging fell ill, then make an incision and gently slapped her transparent adhesive tape.
Decorate a box wrapped ready to tie a bow or ribbon.