you need
  • - red and pink cloth;
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - scissors;
  • - needle;
  • - beads, crystals or beads (for decoration);
  • - sintepon;
  • - sewing machine.
Prepare all materials and tools for creating fabric beads.
First fabricate the wiring - the basis for the beads.From tissues pink and red vystrigite two lanes length of four meters and a width of one centimeter (should use materials that have the same color right and wrong sides, as well as nesypuchie edge).Lay a strip of cloth vertically, at her right in the middle strip of cloth, apply horizontally.It is worth noting that for the convenience of braid cut strips can be assembled in the glomerulus, roll two from each segment.
Then the upper edge of the tape, apply
a segment, located on the right and bottom - a segment to the left.
Take the tape, located on the right, and begin weaving, first apply it to the nearest lower ribbon, thread the ribbon at the bottom of the second.Next, take the tape to the left, put it on the first upper ribbon, then pass a second top.As a result, you should have a design that is shown in the picture.
simultaneously pull all four coil in different directions, to the design dragged into a knot.
same way, continue to weave a harness until there are no more fabric tape.
of red cloth vystrigite four rounds of five centimeters in diameter and four wheel diameter of three centimeters of pink - six circles with a diameter of five centimeters, and four - three centimeters.As the patterns you can use, for example, glasses.
From these pieces make up a pair, connect them facing each other, sew neatly, stepping back from the edge of 0.5 cm, leaving intact a small gap.Remove the blank, fill them with synthetic padding to the point to get a convex "cake."Blind stitch sew the gap.
Take a needle and thread in a contrasting color (orange is ideal) and a round billet.Gently pierce the middle of a needle blank, go around the item and re-pierce the workpiece in the midway, but on the other hand.Lightly tighten the thread.After that, just as do seven stitches, the distance between them trying to do the same.As a result, you should get the item in the form of a flower.Likewise fabricate the remaining florets.
midway in each flower or Glue Sew rhinestones or beads.Sew together the edges of the flowers, placing them at its discretion, and then fasten them with the previously made a tourniquet.