you need
  • - self-hardening polymer clay (green, yellow, white, gray, brown);
  • - a rolling pin;
  • - board clay;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - knife (with the blade metal ruler);
Before working with clay, it is best to wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on workpieces.Beads with a pattern of daisies are made by drawing an image of certain pieces of clay of different colors.To do this, take the white clay and roll it into a column of 8 cm and a diameter of about 4 cm.
Make of gray clay plate about 2 mm thick.Wrap around the white gray plate cylinder by about half, cut off the excess with a knife or a ruler.
Prepare and green clay.unroll it on a plate, wrap around th
e elongated column, put it on top of the gray layer.Align the resulting blank, remove the excess from the sides.Make a three gray rectangular plates equal to the length of the green-white column.
4 Using a ruler, make three longitudinal incision, without reaching the core of the white part.First, an incision in the middle, then two - on the sides, having recesses at the same distance from each other.Then insert the cuts prepared rectangular pieces of gray plate.Squeeze the resulting work is not too hard, but that all parts are interconnected and between the air layer disappeared.
Form arms form a column in the form of petals, guided by the slice.In this case turned petal truncated triangle.In operation, the column and was stretched to a length of about 30 cm. The length of the column will depend on the number of petals to be manufactured.For this flower will be produced in all nine lobes, so that the length was 32 cm, i.e. 3.5 cm per one lobe.Divide the column into 9 parts.
Now you can start manufacturing midway daisies.Take yellow clay and roll out of it a column 5 cm long and 2 cm in diameter. Cut from brown clay plate width of about 6 mm and wrap it completely yellow bar.Then gently squeeze all the details together so to keep circular column.
Then attach the petals start, placing all 9 petals around the column.Thus, you should get a daisy.Fill the hollow space between the petals on the outside pieces of green clay.
then completely wrap daisy previously the rolled plate of green.Squeeze gently daisy-bar to release the air between the parts.
then finely chop the column on the required number of round parts-daisies.Make a ball of clay and stuck to his sliced ​​daisies, then flatten to form a bead.
can produce several versions of beads to your liking by changing colors.Make each bead through hole.Collect finished beads in jewelry.