about the life and death of Diana Spencer had already been filmed.It and "Diana: Last Days of a Princess" by Richard Dale, and "The Queen" by Stephen Vries.The director of the new project was Oliver Hirschbiegel, known to viewers from the film "Bunker".

new film is an adaptation of the novel of Diana bodyguard Ken Worf and describes two novel Diana - with producer Dodi Fayed and surgeon Hasnat Khan, who, according to family princess, love was the only girl.The role of Diana takes a Hollywood beauty Naomi Watts, Dodi Fayed - Cas Anvar, and the role went to Hasnat Naveen Andrews.By the way, many potential viewers already unhappy choice of actress
for the lead role - in their opinion, Watts quite expressive and can not accurately convey the character of the princess.

Originally planned for the role of Diana Jessica Cheysten, which has recently been nominated for the "Oscar" for her role in "The Help."However, the role still got Watts.

Not long ago, the filmmakers said the renaming of the tape.The original painting was called Caught in Flight (¬ęCaught in Flight"), but in July it was announced that the new title of the film - Diana.In the Russian rolling tape will be released under the slightly modified name of "Diana: A Love Story."

main part of the filming takes place in three countries - the UK, Croatia and Mozambique.Already completed shooting scenes in the Croatian town of Opatija.The Imperial Hotel and Kvarnel episodes were filmed receiving awards for Diana charity work and on the streets - the scene where the princess is saved from the paparazzi chase.Now the crew moved to the town of Rovinj.The episodes will be filmed in Pakistan, Angola and France.

world premiere is scheduled for February 20, and Russian - on November 13, 2013.