Tip 1: How to tie a Christmas tree

hand made home furnishings, gifts and souvenirs, dedicated to any holiday, always bring a special warmth and coziness in the house, passed the inimitable emotional mood, the spirit of this holiday.To create a Christmas atmosphere tie for the relatives and friends of the original, unusual herringbone pattern.
you need
  • -150 g of yarn "grass" green;
  • -kryuchok №3;
  • -karton green;
  • -Paint mesh;
  • -stepler;
  • -businy;
  • -zakolki;
  • -blestki;
  • -bantiki;
  • -zvezdochki etc.decorations for Christmas trees.
Dial chain of five air loops and close it in the ring connecting column.Each subsequent row begins with 3 loops rise, and ends - connecting column in the third loop lift.

1st row.Tie the seven columns with nakida in the ring.Complete series.
2nd row.Run by two columns with each column nakida nakida with the previous series.Get 14 columns with nakida, closed in the ring.
3rd row.After lifting loops bind to nakida six columns in each loop of the previous row.The seventh reas
on to tie a loop with two columns nakida.Then again - six bars with each loop nakida base in the seventh loop - two columns.Received 16 columns with nakida.
4th row.In the first column of the previous row with nakida follow two columns with nakida.Next, tie the seven columns with nakida each loop base.In the eighth loop, do the two columns with nakida.Then, before the end of series one tie columns with nakida each loop base.Complete series.Received 18 columns with nakida.
5-11-th rows.Knit columns with nakida, adding uniformly in each row by two columns with nakida.In the 11th row should have 32 columns with nakida.
12-24-th rows.Run column with 32 nakida one in each loop of the previous row.
25th row.Then knit columns with nakida uniformly adding two columns.A total of 34 column with nakida.
26-28-th rows.Knit 34 column with nakida in each loop of the previous row.
29th row.Knit columns with nakida on each loop base.Every eight base loop knit two columns with nakida - summarized in this row will turn 38 columns.
30th row.Follow columns with nakida on each loop base.In every sixth loop knit two columns with nakida.You should get 44 column with nakida.
31 th row.Knit columns with nakida, making the addition of one column on each fifth loop base.A total of 52 column with nakida.
32-46-th rows.Knit columns with nakida one in each loop of the previous row.
47-48-th rows.Knit columns with nakida, adding uniformly in each row of four column.Received 60 columns with nakida.
49-53-th row.Perform one post with nakida each loop base.
54th row.Perform one air lift loop.Tie one on the pillar without nakida in each column with nakida previous row.Complete a series of connecting a column in an air lift loop.Cut the thread.
From cardboard cut out a circle of green, the size equal to the bottom of a herringbone pattern.Sew or attach a stapler to the bottom of a fur-tree.
Decorate Christmas tree with beads, sequins, bright barrettes, bows, stars, etc.

Tip 2: How to pick up gifts from the Kremlin

tree Kremlin Christmas tree - the most important in the country.To get to her dream of every child.In addition to the original submission, which involved well-known artists, kids receive a free set of wonderful sweets and toys.
to pick up gifts from the Kremlin Christmas tree, you need to have a ticket.It can be obtained in different ways.First - to buy.Make it better in advance at the box office of the Kremlin Palace.The sale comes kontramarok very little, so look for ads on the Internet or specify on the receipt of tickets by phone: +7 (495) 928-52-32 +7 (495) 917-23-36 +7 (495) 620-78-31.Performances are usually from December 25 to January 9.You can buy tickets in October.In addition, sites www.biletexpress.ru , www.kremlin-elka.su , www.hottickets.ru provide services for the sale and delivery of invitations to the main tree of the country.But prices are disproportionately higher than at the box office, but there is always available the right places.The second way to get a coveted coupon - to become the winner of school Olympiads, winner of children's creativity, etc.That these guys handed the invitation to the New Year concert at the president.And as orphans, families with many children and persons with disabilities.
After gaining the coveted ticket, go at street Vozdvizhenka, 1. Find it easily even visitors.It is enough to get to the metro station "Okhotny Ryad" or "Revolution Square" and find a pointer to the output of the Red Square.If you do not want to watch a performance, just pick up the gifts at any day of the Kremlin Christmas tree.In addition, souvenirs and sweets are given and after the New Year holidays.Within two weeks, you can get rely you gifts.
Enter the building of the Kremlin Palace, and refer to any employee.He will tell you how to find a window in which you can get a gift.Pull the window ticket.Controller tear spine number and give you a souvenir.
Helpful Hint
If your child went to watch an idea, do not expect it ends, take a gift in advance.After the expiry of the issuance of the windows lined up a huge queue.
Helpful Hint
For stability Christmas trees can be put into a cone made of masking grid stapling.