The first is to decide what exactly you want to sew.The choice of the scope of application of the forces depends on the target audience, the necessary equipment, approximate income and expended effort.Do not try to cover all the activities at once, such as spraying can quickly rob you of energy and enthusiasm.
Once you have decided with his "specialization", you can start looking for clients.In the beginning there is no point in having a massive advertising campaign, you need to inform relatives and friends about what you are taking orders for custom tailoring.If your works are worthy of the board, you ask for it, you can be sure that new customers will seek you out for yourself.
The beginning of creative activity it makes sense to talk to people
who are somehow connected with your potential target audience.It could be your hairdresser, manicure master, the doctor in the clinic or acquaintance seller in the store.Each of them can tell you dozens of other people, as a profession of this kind involve abstract conversations with customers.
set a price for their products is such that, on the one hand, do not work for free, but on the other - to attract customers lower than in the studio and professional workshops, prices.Understand how profitable your work, you can, moving hourly earnings in the form.Dividing net profit per product to the number of hours spent on its production, much easier to understand, is it worth it, or it is necessary to change something: to raise prices or accelerate production.
very important to create a potential client's sense of comfort and confidence.Basically, this is due to the correct organization of space for meetings and fittings.Playing children, pets, noisy relatives, periodically interrupting the meeting with the customer, will not improve your reputation as a professional.On the other hand, clean and comfortable room with good lighting, a few mirrors, fashion magazines and thematic literature immediately add you to a few points in the eyes of the customer.
Feel free to photograph successful works from all angles.Subsequently, you can make a good portfolio, which will come in handy if you decide to develop professionally and to act in a specialized institution.