simple method for manufacturing knitted butterfly

To produce such a finishing element, knitted butterfly, need a hook.Of course, you can link it, and needles, but it will be much harder.The most simple butterfly can be done by using the frame of a thin, flexible wire.You can give it is a form that you like the most.The result is a fairly stable product with a pointed or rounded wings.Do not forget the mustache and torso.

Try to make four loops of wire.At the same time the two loops should be a little bit more than others.You can then wire tie colored threads.If this option does not suit you, do the openwork mating outer edge of the wire.

Knitted butterfly frame without

It is possible that a butterfly on a wire frame you will not find it interesting.In principle, you can
link it hook under the special scheme, and then starch to give a more stable form.

So, first dial nine stitches chain and lock them in a circle.Then knit to lift three air loop and run seven columns with nakida.Then again make three air loops and knit ten columns with nakida.
Then we must act strictly according to instructions.Knit two columns with nakida and type four aerial loops.On the basis of one loop and link to skip to the next loop with two stobika nakida and two nakida.As a result, you should stay four loops base.Knit these loops in four columns with one nakida.

the next three loops knit three columns without nakida.Then proceed in the same way, reducing the number of columns to one.After completion of the knitting bars make the air loop and knit polustolbik.It is necessary to capture the four air loops and some of their hold.Make another loop and air column without nakida.In the remaining loops knit follows five bars - two nakida two without nakida nakida and one without.One half of the butterfly is almost ready.It remains only to again make three air loop, then knit six bars (two with two and four nakida one nakida) and polustolbik.

second half butterfly fit a similar pattern.To create the body type five loops and knit four air loops and one bar.Then make three loops and a column without nakida.That's all.It remains only to sew the wings to the body of the butterfly and draw mustaches.