you need
  • - thread "Iris";
  • - hook №2-2,5;
  • - Ribbon Satin.
Make one air loop.1 row - follow it with 12 columns nakida.2 series of knit scheme: * 1 air loop, a column with a 1 nakida *.Next, divide the resulting circle into 6 parts, as a result panamku will look six wedges.3 row knit pattern under the scheme: * 1 air loop, a column with 4 nakida under one loop of the previous row, 1 air loop, a column with a 1 nakida under the second row next st *.Repeat rapport 5 more times.
4 row: * 4 column with nakida (for one loop in the middle between 4 columns with nakida 3 rows), 2 column with nakida for each loop of the previous row *.Repeat rapport 5 more times.In each subsequent row is increased with the number of columns nakida 6
(i.e. one in each wedge).In the place where once vyvyazyvayut 4 column with nakida formed beautiful grooves resembling ears.
Total knit 17-20 rows, depending on the depth of future panama.To be more exact, it is desirable from time to time fitting.Then, on the edge of the main part of panama follow several simple bar in each loop of the previous row.Next knit according to the scheme: * 3 air loop, a simple column * 1 (at this point can then be stretch satin ribbon as an additional decoration).Then continue to knit two more series of simple columns.
Start vyvyazyvayut field panama.To do this work under the scheme: * 2 column with nakida through one loop of the previous row.Then knit 2 more rows, only has 3 columns with nakida loop through each of the previous row.2 more series follow the same steps, only this time on a 4 column nakida.Complete the fields panamki festoons.To do this, knit by the scheme: * 7 columns with nakida under one loop of the previous row, 1 simple column in next st *.As a result, the edge of panama will look beautiful arcs.
Additionally, you can tie the yarn of the same invoices beautiful roses that can be as the same tone and contrasting colors.2-5 florets permissible to make and sew them on one hand.Equally appealing looks panamke upon which rosettes are arranged over the entire circumference at the junction of the main part of the headgear at field.