Materials for knitting

order to link their own cute valentine, you need to prepare the necessary materials.You will need: Yarn red or pink, the hook (size 1.5 mm), padding polyester stuffing, linen thread, as well as some kind of beautiful paper, beads and beads for subsequent decoration.

process of creating valentines

Knit Valentine columns should be without nakida.So, start with the ring.Wrap your index finger into the ring and knit six bars without nakida.You will get the first row.In the second row should be twelve columns without nakida.Further, from the second to the fifth row is added 6 columns without nakida.Then knit without of increases should be.From the sixth to the ninth series of 30 columns to be done.As a result, you get connected polusharik.To create a hear
t need to link one such element.Second polusharik fit a similar pattern.

If the two parts of the ball are already connected, skip to the next step.Knit five columns without nakida polushariki and seal it over the edge.Now proceed to the knitting great circle.First make a single row in a circle of increases and without ubavok.Then create nine rows, subtracting each with 4 column without nakida.Incidentally, should diminish on two hinges to the central part on each side.As a result, you should begin to emerge the shape of a heart.If the heart does not work, then you are somewhere made a mistake.If the need arose in the dressing, leave in the resulting heart of a small hole and tamp it synthetic padding.

In the next step of knitting continue to diminish by 4 column in a row to complete the closing holes.This process of creating their own hands valentines can be regarded as virtually complete.If you want to give the heart the kind of gift, cut paper and pass it through a linen thread.This thread should stretch across the top of a heart.Carefully cut the thread and double knot and then a double bow.As a result, you get a lovely valentine, which can be anywhere to hang.

make a truly romantic gift you two hearts linked together.If desired, they can be decorated with beads or some of the original inscription.Apply a few drops on Valentine aromatic oils to your gift unforgettable.