screenplay based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith.It neatly brings together real and fictional stories.In this biography of Abraham Lincoln woven popular today storyline about vampires.By focusing on the fight against the forces of evil, the creators of the movie told about the main stages of the life of the 16th president of the United States.

boy who would become a politician, lives with his parents at the plantation in the state of Indiana.Since childhood, endowed with a sense of justice, he stands up for the little one negro.As a result of this story the father of Abraham argues with a planter, and the family loses the job.In addition to all the owner demands that he pay the debt, and havin
g been refused, he (was a vampire) kills the mother of Lincoln.

After that viewers see Abraham as an adult.For the film is typical scrappy, minced plot development.A young man is trying to take revenge on the murderer of mother, but he comes to life, and Lincoln learns that a vampire is not so easy to destroy.However, he meets a stranger who becomes his mentor in the fight against the enemy.He persuades Abraham to join the fight north and south of the country.The authors of the scenario, the civil war was fought between the vampires who occupied the slave south and the free northerners.

Much of the film is reserved for scenes of fights between humans and vampires.Fans will certainly appreciate the special effects happening on the screen.Abraham Lincoln is successful political career, becoming president of the United States and says the famous speech about the liberation of the slaves.He leads the troops of the North, providing them with life-saving silver.After that, teams of people are beginning to advance and eventually gain the victory in the Civil War.

Lincoln waives the opportunity to become a vampire and immortality.He chooses human life and politics.But as we know from history, it was soon mortally wounded during one of the funniest scenes of the play on which the president came with his wife.