premieres July 2012 will delight audiences around the world Adventure, comedy, drama, adventure and fantasy.The list of the most anticipated premiere of this month came a few films that have yet to enter the theaters are interested in not only the critics but also ordinary people who love a good movie.

«Amazing Spider-Man»
The new interpretation of the legendary film about Peter Parker, who became a superhero after being bitten by a spider in a laboratory.Director of the film Makr Webb, producer Avi Arad.The main role in this time got young talent Andrew Garfield.

«Three meters above the sky: I want you»
Spanish film continued melodrama about love bully and humble girl.The film directed by Fernando Gonzalez Molina, producer of Mercedes Gamero.

«Roman adventure»
great film director Woody Allen continues to punctua
lly deliver their masterpieces on the wide screen.He as usual he will appear in his painting, which is filmed in his trademark comedy style is not without seasoning in the form of love, hate and adventure heroes.

Drama Lisa Auchan on the intricate relationships Emma and Cassandra.

«absolute evil»
Thriller originally from the United States by director Chris Fisher and producer Justin Bershov.The story of John, who had abandoned the family life for the sake of adventure, a company in which he is a mysterious stranger.

«Ice Age 4: Continental Drift»
Another part of the cartoon saga of Mike Trumeyer, which for a long time favorite for children and adults will be the heroes of the 21st century.

«Mysteries of Lisbon»
Franco-Portuguese director Raul Ruiz's drama about the adventures of the Duchess, a businessman and orphans.

«Bobby Fischer Against The World»
documentary Lisa Garbus a bright and tragic fate of the chess player Bobby Fischer.

«Iron Sky»
Action Timo Vuorensola filmed in four countries - Canada, Germany, Finland and Australia.Nazi occupiers are in 2018 and again trying to establish some order in the world.

«Soldiers of Fortune»
director Maxim Korostyshesky demonstrates what can the rich for the sake of entertainment.

«Red Lights»
Rodrigo Cortés thriller with Robert De Niro in the lead role will speak about the work of psychics with supernatural phenomena.

Again Robert Pattinson appears on the screens around the world.Directed by David Cronenberg introduces viewers to the clock in the life of the financial tycoon, who in the meantime changed radically.

«Wonderful Life»
Drama Cedric Kahn of the harsh life of a family of immigrants.

«Seeking a Friend for the End of the World»
Comedy Skafarii Lauren talks about preparations for the destruction of the Earth asteroid and intricate relationship earthlings at this moment.

«That's My Boy»
Sean Anders puts the center of his new comedy famous comedian Adam Sandler, who serves not only as an actor, but also produces a picture.

«4:44.Last Day on Earth »
Another version of the end of the world by Abel Ferrara with William Dafoe in the title role.

«The Dark Knight Rises»
Continued blow up the picture theaters, the story is directed by Christopher Nolan carefully guarded and is not going to open up to the premiere.

«Step Up 4»
Another part of the "dance" melodrama directed by Scott Speer.

«Marco macaque»
Cartoon Jean Rabeka of adventure beach guard Marco.