you need
  • - stack the brush;
  • - scissors, side cutters;
  • - wire;
  • - clamp base;
  • - teip tape;
  • - cold porcelain;
  • - Oil paints (acrylic);
  • - latex glue, super glue (thick PVA);
  • - polymer clay Clay Craft by Deco (white, yellow);
  • - Mold sheet (for the study of the texture);
  • - Mold texture (for the petals);
Take for making flower gardenia white clay and a small piece of yellow and mix.Divide the clay into pieces in two sizes: 9 pieces - small pieces and 8 - big.If desired, it can be a different number of lobes.Make of balls - "droplets".Put a "droplet" on the hand and form a petal, flattening thumb clay.Then, putting the petal in the middle of the palm, "press it with your thumb into the palm so that the tab has become convex.
Make a bud of the small petals. Roll into a tube petal smaller. Wrapsecond flap resulting tube. Following
four petals wrap clockwise around the previous two. Then attach the remaining petals in a chaotic manner.
Connect the bud one large petal convex side (prints out), and the next - prints inside. The remaining 6 petals attach to bud circle prints out. Cut the flower, resulting leg.
For the second bud gardenia Make 5 petals.Putting them at each other, roll up into a tube.Cut legs, put a bud on a wire, dipped it into the adhesive.Prepare a cold porcelain freesia stamen for: roll the palm of 2 small ball into a thin bar with a sharp tip and the third ball - with a blunt tip, which is cut with scissors into 8-9 pieces to whisk.Putting together three stamens, leave to dry.
yellow clay flower freesia make ready the 3 balls in two sizes, form droplets with a pointed tip and print at Molde.Then, after putting the tab on the palm, lightly press your finger to the petal acquired a convex shape.So, proceed with all the petals.
Collect cutters.Take a circle 3 small petals.Attach the second turn of the large number of petals.Put in the middle of a stamen.Fold the petals and plant a flower on a wire, the wire tip dipped in glue.
Zatoniruyte freesia after they are completely dry.Apply the paint from the edge of the petals and down to the ground.Wrap the leg-ribbon flower teip, starting from the base.
Fabricate leaves.Form a ball from a drop of cold porcelain and roll stack of palm, giving the shape of a leaf.Glue wire into the middle of the sheet.
Form of freesia branches, fix the flowers together using teip tape.Ready sprig of flowers stick to the base-clip.