On the series

¬ęSchool" - a Russian television series directed by Valeria Gai Germanicus.The film was shown for the first time on Channel One in 2010.It consists of 69 series in which school life is shown in the acute, causing the debate sharply negative way.

The plot of the series

series filmed in the trendy format of today - "amateur" video.One sees what is going through the usual amateur camcorder.

The plot tells the story of an ordinary Moscow school class.Class of trying to make a model, but the plant Ilya, and after him, other students perceive hostility situation.The series shows all the pressing problems of school age: the indifference of parents, uninteresting study, bad habits, unrequited love, the need for sexual relations.

debate on the series

After the show, many artists have gone to war ag
ainst it, arguing its position that "all lies" and "today was not like this."The younger generation has apprehended the creation of Valeria Gai Germanicus partly positive, because it is largely opened her eyes to the problems of society, which are accumulated in a conventional classroom.

According to the author of the telenovela, parents and teachers in most cases are simply turning a blind eye to what is happening with the kids yesterday, believing that everything is fine.At the same time students are well aware that nothing need their school does not teach.Not too few students who, at best, come sober home 2-3 times a week.Few people talking about teenage sex and that comes with a schoolgirl in the event of an unwanted pregnancy.Conservative blind eye to all of this, the company does not solve the school problems, but only accumulates aggression, which is sure to find an outlet elsewhere.

fair criticism

Many critics have noted that, in spite of its relevance, the series "School" event is quite lopsided.It is too exaggerated shows of aggression, indifference of teachers, students depravity.At every coin has two sides, and the director decided not to focus too much attention to the positive aspects of the modern school.Thirst for knowledge, mutual assistance, friendship and if displayed, briefly, the main plan away from them.


As a result, the series was provocative, but fair enough.The authors did not gloss over unpleasant details.We should also mention a way to shoot.The film does not use any professional equipment, only hand-held camera.Initially, it can be annoying, but ultimately this effect helps to better feel the atmosphere of the film.