you need
  • fabric, sewing machine, thread, zipper, button.
Choose a fabric for use, suitable cotton, blended, twill or denim.Remove the following measurements: waist, side length of shorts, hips, inner part of legs, hips volume for short, the height of the step.
Make a short pattern, using graph paper.It can be used as a pattern old shorts or trousers.
cutting two front and rear halves of the shorts.Perform cutting piping fastening two pieces allowance under the zipper right halves shorts (button catch), hessian two pockets, double bass single cut with burlap pockets, two pieces back pocket and belt.
Leave 1.5 cm for seam allowance.Vytachayte entrance into every pocket burlap and defer.Place the fr
ont half cut-off shorts on the flank.Sew from the wrong side and baste the front half of burlap shorts pockets.
At the rear halves, do the dart.Remove the wrong side and topstitch each pocket one-piece piping.Make a pocket in each of the loop and sew them to the back halves of trousers.
Sew the front and rear of the short sides, then Stitch stepping slices.Follow the front and rear middle joints.
now proceed to insert the zipper.Fold piping on the left half and sew the short shear fasteners.Allowances cut off close to the line, loosen the piping on the wrong side.Sew one braid zipper under the edge of the cut right halves.
Align the middle of the line forehand, and then baste the cut for the fasteners.Sew the zipper loose braid to the left side of the shorts.Defer the buckle from the front of the left half.
Fold facial details otkoska, Sew rounded sections.Cut allowances close to the line.Pin button catch at the right edge of the fastener and Stitch in the seam pritachivaniya.Stepping back from the lower end of the fastener 3 cm on the left half, do a foothold zigzag stitch.
Sew belt to the upper edge.On the left end of the belt loop sweeps.The allowance for hem tuck inside out and scribbled.Sew a button.