Pictures Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki - founder of the studio "Ghibli" - one of the most famous directors who create animated cartoons.Almost every new picture of him with enthusiasm encountered by the public and critics.His creations will be interesting both for children and adults, as they easily and clearly describes the complex and eternal themes: love and friendship, struggle and sacrifice, as well as man's relationship with nature and technology.

European audience Miyazaki became famous after the release of his paintings, "Spirited Away", which tells of a girl Chihiro, accidentally fell into the other world inhabited by ghosts and unknown creatures, which it needs to not only survive the most, but also save their parents, turned intopigs.Also
noteworthy are those animated films director, as "My Neighbor Totoro," "Princess Mononoke," "Howl's Moving Castle," "Ponyo on the cliff", "The wind grows stronger."

«Five centimeters per second»

«Five centimeters per second" - a picture of Makoto Cinco, another famous Japanese director.The film consists of three stories and talks about the ten-year period in the life of Takaki Tono.The first story - about a boy Takaki, graduated from junior high school and forced to part with his girlfriend Akari, which is taken to another city.Children write letters to each other, and once Takaki decides to meet Akari, but in heavy snow to make it not so easy.

In the second story Takaki studying in high school and really like his classmate Kanae.She does not dare to tell him about his feelings, which over time only become stronger and Takaki can not forget his childhood friend.The third part of the viewer sees is already an adult Takaki.The young man immersed in his new life, but it does not bring him satisfaction.He parted with the girl and quits his job.One day he is not far from the railway crossing and saw Akari, who arrived in Tokyo for her fiance.Young people look at each other, but between the train passes.When the train passes by, the girl disappears.

«Honey and Clover»

Honey and Clover - colorful anime series studio JCStaff, about the life of students of art school, located in Tokyo.Young people are friendly and quarrel, fall in love with each other, and the first experience of frustration, looking for his place under the sun, toured the sake of all of Japan on the bike and, of course, create masterpieces.