you need
  • - fabrics of different colors and textures;
  • - string matching;
  • - tapes;
  • - lace;
  • - beads and buttons;
  • - an icon or a basis for brooches.
Pick up materials in the right colors.These may be patches of dense gas and fabrics, beautiful buttons, beads, unusual yarns, fine laces and ribbons, feathers.As the fastener is more convenient to use an ad hoc basis for the brooc
h, but its absence will fit and sleek icon right size.
Cut out of a dense fabric Neosypayushchiisya circle slightly larger diameter than the icon.It is better if the fabric will stretch moderately.Collect it on a string in the same tone and tighten the icon.Fix so that the fabric does not interfere with buttoning and unbuttoning brooch.If you are using a foundation for brooches, attach the fabric to the circle of cardboard.
of lighter fabric carve out a circle of twice the diameter.
Assemble it on the edge on a thread and tighten it firmly.Attach the thread and sew received the item on the basis of brooches (node ​​tissue up).
from tissues of a different color carve out a tape width of two diameters icon and a minimum length of 10-15 cm. Treat the edges (better to take the cloth, which is easy to oplavit candle flame), foldtape along and pick up on a thread so that the contraction of all the edges were inside.
Nasheyte collected over the first layer of tape brooch.Mask suitable place sew a button on the leg.Decorate feather.To make it firmer hold, you can not just sew it under the button, and carefully glue the brooch to a transparent adhesive.
If brooch looks unfinished, pick up the items.You can decorate it with beads, ribbons, or simply wrap the leg buttons decorative yarn.When using special fasteners sew it at this stage to the assembled decoration.