First place: "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation»

This favorite Soviet comedy was filmed at the studio "Mosfilm" in 1973.The idea for its creation served as the play by Mikhail Bulgakov "Ivan Vasilievich".He took off the well-known comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai.Starring Yuri Yakovlev, Leonid Kuravlev Alexander Demyanenko, Natalya Selezneva, Savely Kramarov, Vladimir Etush and Michael Pugovkin."Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" is the absolute leader of the Soviet film distribution in 1973.Then, this film is watched by more than 60 million viewers.

Second place: "Operation" Y "and other adventures Shurik»

This secular comedy movie was shot in 1965 in the same Leonid Gaidai.This motion picture
was a huge success and became leaders in film distribution in the Soviet Union in 1965.Then it looked at 69.6 million viewers.Starring Alexander Demyanenko, Yuri Nikulin, Yevgeny Morgunov, George Vitsin, Alexei Smirnov, Mikhail Pugovkin, Natalya Selezneva.Curiously, he Leonid Gaidai played in this comedy cameo - old, sentenced to 15 days and requested to read out the entire list of orders.

Third place: "Kidnapping, Caucasian Style»

This much-loved Soviet Leonid Gaidai motion picture was filmed in 1966.This comedy is the second film with Shurik (Aleksandr Demyanenko) as the main character and the last (of the ones that took the name of Leonid Gaidai) with the participation of the famous trio - Coward (George Vitsin), Bobby (Yuri Nikulin) and Experienced (Yevgeny Morgunov).The film was released April 3, 1967.Starring Alexander Demyanenko, Natalya Varley, George Vitsin, Yevgeny Morgunov, Yuri Nikulin, Vladimir Etush and Frunzik Mkrtchyan.

Fourth place: "The Diamond Arm»

and the Soviet comedy took all the same Leonid Gaidai."The Diamond Arm" - is one of the most iconic films in the history of Soviet cinema.The plot of the film was loosely based on a true story: once been read articles about Swiss smugglers trying to carry values ​​in the cast.Starring Yuri Nikulin, Andrei Mironov, Anatoly Papanov Svetlana Svetlichnaya Nina Grebeshkova (wife of director Gaidai), Nonna Mordjukova and Stanislav check.

fifth place: "Gentlemen of Fortune»

This Soviet art comedy movie was filmed in 1971 by Alexander Gray.This motion picture is the absolute leader of the Soviet film distribution in 1972.Then the "Gentlemen of Fortune" looked more than 65 million viewers.Many phrases from the film to the people fled, becoming the cruise.Starring Yevgeny Leonov, Georgy Vitsin, Savely Kramarov, Radner Muratov, Oleg Vidov.