you need
  • - soft tulle or mesh;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - elastic band 2 cm wide.
Take soft tulle, and determine the length, the cutting of his two banners, as well as one-piece top, middle and bottom of frills.On seams slices and leave for half a centimeter on allowances.
Sew on the frills short cuts.Each of them fold in half lengthwise, right side out, and then priutyuzhte.Prisoberite frills on the upper edge.
Deal bottom edges of panels tight narrow zigzag stitch.To do this, then iron allowance on lower edge to the wrong side and route the line from the wrong side of the shuttle.Excess allowance cut off close to the line.
On one panel set aside from the lower edge of the top 15 - 18 cm and draw a line seam bottom ruffles.Scribbled on the bottom panel asse
mbly.Central frill scribbled on a panel so that its lower edge is two centimeters on the bottom frill.
second panel on the first stretch (with frills), applying to the wrong side of the face and baste upper edges.That at pritachivaniya prisborennoe cutting assembly are distributed as evenly as possible, to divide prisborivaniem cut into four equal-length segments.Each of them separately prisoberite.
Sew the ends of the elastic band so that its length is equal to the circumference of the waist.Before pritachivaniya sure to try on the tape, because then change its length will not be possible.Stretching, Sew it to the upper edge of the skirt.For this beforehand upper cut skirts and ribbon into four equal parts and mark the ends dressmaker pins.
Half loosen the elastic band on the front side of the skirt and stretching, scribbled a zigzag stitch.
If you decide to sew a lush petticoats from the grid, then contemplate him also cover, which is hemmed bottom simple skirt made of cotton fabric, which will protect the skin from contact with the rigid grid.