you need
  • - glass jar with a lid;
  • - a thick cord;
  • - ground for the aquarium, glass beads, beads, colored sand, etc .;
  • - shell, beautiful stone, small toys, etc .;
  • - cardboard;
  • - keychain flashlight;
  • - transparent glue.
Find a keychain flashlight, which is easily converted into a compact bulb.In this case, part of the lamp used clothespins to read books.It is convenient because on a flat housing LED and switch are located on opposite sides.Cut out cardboard circle with a diameter slightly smaller than the neck of the j
Cut a hole in the middle so that the torch was fixed and could not shine into the banks.
Apply a thick cord inside the neck of the banks at a distance slightly larger than the thickness of a keychain.The photo used in the cord of dark color for contrast, and better use of white or matching lid.Do not use instant glue - it is fraught with material adhesion to the skin, because working with a narrow neck uncomfortable.
Prepare material to cover the bottom of the can.It may be small pebbles, beads, ground for aquariums, and in our case - even gently crushed auto glass injured in the accident.This unusual material looks like pure ice, it is easy to get to the Parsing or in the studio.Be careful when using although tempered glass, when broken to the smallest pieces of it gives a dangerous skin crumb.
Pour the bottom of the cans a little glue and sprinkle selected materials.Wand distribute them evenly, and for better fixation can pour a little glue on top.Place the jars into the central part of the composition.During the day dry jar.
Collect souvenir.Lay on the stand of the cord a circle of cardboard with a flashlight fixed.Turn on the light bulb and screw cap.Instead of pebbles, glass and shells can be used, and other sets: crushed foam as snow and toy-snegovichka, beautiful beads, foreign coins and a souvenir from a trip, colored sand and toy boat, dried flowers and butterflies, even a tiny picture in the frame.In general, it will prompt a fantasy!Do not forget to turn off the flashlight for the day and change the batteries in it in a timely manner.