The festival is one of the best and world-famous music forums.It takes place in a medieval castle Olavinlinna, located on an island in the city Savolinna.Especially for this event in the courtyard of the fortress erected huge covered stage and auditorium that can accommodate more than two thousand people.And the castle during the Opera Festival turns into a real musical theater.

history of this music forum began 100 years ago - in 1912.It was then that the famous Finnish singer and owner of a beautiful soprano Aino Act organized the first Opera Festival, which performs works by Finnish composers.He was held until mid-30s and then followed by a forty-year break.Festival was resumed in 1967 thanks to the opera courses organized in the framework of this music festival.Since then,
the festival has become an international cultural event, participation in which annually take about 60 thousand people.A world-famous soloists of the National Opera of Finland consider it an honor to speak here.

Throughout July Olavinlinna castle can hear well-known works, performed by the best musicians and opera singers - both Finnish and foreign.All the sounds of opera in the original, and a special electronic scoreboard displays captions in Finnish and English.

novelty of the festival is a competition of opera singing among performers around the world.To participate in it admitted 20 people, 6 of which are selected to compete in the main competition.Finalists will receive the right to play with the orchestra of the Opera Festival and cash prizes.

In 2012, the Savonlinna Opera Festival celebrates 100 years.In honor of this momentous event all the guests of the festival will be waiting for the grand anniversary concert which will leave a lot of wonderful impressions and bright emotions.