To reduce weight songs require one of the programs for editing and converting audio files.Examples include applications such as Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, Format Factory and others.
first option, with which you can achieve a reduction weight songs , is to save it in another format.For example, files in a wav format by definition take up more space as wav format is uncompressed.Save the song in any of the audio formats that support compression, you reduce her weight.To do this, open the song in the program to work with audio using the "File» - & gt;"Open".Then select "File» - & gt;"Save As" and select the audio format.Click "Save".
most common audio file format is mp3.It is one of compression formats.Meanwhile, some of the other compresses data better than mp3.F
or example, if you save the song in format ogg, it will weigh less than an mp3.However, such characteristics as the sampling rate and bit rate will remain the same.
second option to reduce weight songs does not require a change in its format.You need to change its characteristics: the frequency and bit rate.Open the desired song in one of the programs designed to edit audio files.To do this, the application menu, select "File» - & gt;"Open".To begin conservation, open the menu «File» - & gt;"Save as".Select the same format, which is the source file.Then click on the buttons for setting the parameters of conservation.In the resulting window, select from the list the desired sample rate (measured in hertz) and bit rate (measured in kilobits per second).To reduce weight songs, they should be less than the initial values ​​of the audio file.Then click OK.In the dialog box, select the desired location to save the file and click "Save".