Before starting to train direct blows to the rhythm of the strings, spent a sequence of chords that make up the verse.Staging fingers on each chord, you should remember, and then slowly strumming, changing the position of the fingers on each of the next chord.
Verse "gypsy" consists of the following chord, rules of construction that you can easily find in any directory chords online:
Am Am6 Am Em Em (add 9) Em H7 H7 (add 6) H7 Em(add 9) Em Em (add 9) Em.
Having played in a row, all these chords, you'll hear the melody of the first verse, "Gipsy".Repeat the sequence
of chords as many times as there are verses in the song.
After a sequence of chords and rules setting will be remembered and you will master the slow brute strings with the change of chord verse, you can start to train to play in the art of combat, implying a rhythmic pounding on the strings.
Each chord has to a certain number of strokes up and down.When you hit up the right index finger to quickly but gently swipe from the sixth string to the first, and with kick down quickly and gently slide your finger from the first to the fourth string.
repetitive beats up and down, training the softness and smoothness of impact on all the chords.The sound should be clear and precise, achieve maximum accuracy and brightness of the sound, avoiding the rough sound of the strings.
To fight guitar method to give you easier and faster, remember a few rules.In particular, you can help yourself with the thumb, which strikes are indicated in the diagrams with chords by p, the blows while the index finger marked with the letter i.
If the index finger from top to bottom has the sixth string to the first, but from the bottom up - only the first string to the fourth, the thumb has both downwards and upwards, all six strings.