you need
  • - sewing machine
  • - Pattern
  • - fabric
  • - scissors
  • - centimeter
  • - gum
  • - pins
To produce summer dresses, you will need light and airy material bright colors.Try to give preference in this case, natural fabrics such as cotton, flax, half a league, and so on.Plans for the dress, choose, based on their experience and ability to handle the needle.Some magazines are sold sewing with ready-made patterns, you will only need to determine its size and select the desired.But you can try to find a perfect sample of cut and on the Internet, on needlework seamstress forums are happy to share their experience with everyone.
Transfer pattern on tracing paper or newspri
nt within the parameters of your body, get the details on the cut contour.Spread a cloth on the floor to her were not formed folds or creases.
Try to spread out the pattern on the cloth so that the most economical use of your existing material.If the fabric is very smooth, laid the pattern for her pins in several places.
Outline pattern pieces, cut the resulting piece of dress sharp scissors.
pattern If you do not have any or do not want to mess around with complicated details and cuffs, measure the distance from the armpit to the knee or floor, depending on the length of the future dress.Cut two identical parts get the length, the width is equal to the amount of your hips, divided by 2, plus about 20 cm so that the dress does not get too fitting.
Fold the items together, facing each other.Summer Dress air of fabric is best to sew a zigzag manner.If the fabric is very smooth, it is recommended to chop off a cut parts between a pin or sew tack.
Hem hem willing to pay.
If you sew vysheogovorennuyu simplest model, hem it up and down the seam to the hem dress.Upper hem should be slightly wider than the bottom, because it would have to skip through the gum, which will keep the dress for your figure.
Finally, pick up a dress accessories.It may be a belt, a chain or a necklace, brooch or applique.