during childhood and adolescence up to a man, as a rule, live fear fictional creatures - vampires, werewolves, zombies, and so on.Surely a film in which the main character struggles with evil spirits, seem scary to someone who has not yet said goodbye to the belief that all of these creatures actually exist.
age, way of assessing events varies, people are quite clearly separates reality from fiction.He was still afraid of unexplained things, but not to the same extent as before.In place of the creatures from childhood come mutants, representatives of the other world and extraterrestrial civilizations.That is, the objects and events that might be present in real life, and from time to time appear in the press note
But not only the characters determine how a movie can be scary.Naturally, the story is a chain of predominant importance.Here directors communicate directly with the human psyche.They have favorite tricks.These include sudden "attack of evil" at the moment when the viewer does not expect (loud cries, jumping out of the corner of creatures or people).
While the suddenness could be frightening, most cause fear the events that might occur in the present.So movies about maniacs, fanatics, sadists and other perverts cause the greatest fear of the adult audience.After all, he realizes that the situation told in the film, no one is immune.And the bad guys are not so much invented the writers and writers, as copied from living people.
If you conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the film, the role will be a variety of factors: whether the director has managed to create the effect of the involvement of the viewer in the events of the film, how right was picked up background sound.Correctly calibrated dynamics of the plot: how often (appropriate) alternate scenes action and calm, if skillfully used decorations and much more.