always interesting to watch movies about some closed groups where the common man is quite difficult to get there.The film "okolofutbol" just about such a group.It's about real football fans.They are often called hooligans.Because such fans - the most aggressive and brutal.

The film

To get into such a closed group of football fans need a lot of time and effort.It tells the story of a film.The director and his team have shown great interior groups of football fans of bullies and how difficult to get through to him.

If a person really wants to become a true football fan - aggressive and violent, he will undergo a rigorous selection.Once accepted into the group, turning back is impossible.No matter who the person in real life - a banker or an ordinary student.Groups of football fans there in its rules and laws.These fans - the elite f
ootball and they represent one company.

It is this question in the film directed by Anton Bormatova "okolofutbol."The tape was filmed in 2013, and since then it is highly appreciated not only the fans, but ordinary viewers.Dive into the life of the group described occurs most realistic.

What scenes are impressive

The first episode of the film does not leave anyone indifferent spectator.Because the film "okolofutbol" the aggressive young and not so young people.The picture begins with scenes of fighting fans.The action takes place on one of the stations of the Moscow metro.But this is only because of the film.In fact, the scene was shot on the subway station in Nizhny Novgorod.

In the film many scenes extras, for participation in which were invited to the real football fans from similar groups.In particular, the groups of "Spartak" Moscow "Dynamo", "Zenith", CSKA Moscow.In the film, members of these groups are fighting for the same club as in real life.Also, in the filming of "Around the football" hooligans clubs participated in Nizhny Novgorod "Torpedo", "Baltika", "Eagle" and others.

film "okolofutbol" the stories of the director filmed during the year.Filming began in September 2013 and ended in June 2014.The film will be interesting to see not only people who are addicted to the sport, but also for those who like to penetrate into the secrets of the different groups and get behind closed doors.