How did the art of crochet

Known traveler Annie Potter and knitter says that the art of crochet originated in the sixteenth century.Dane Lisa polyude put forward just three of the theory of the emergence of this art.According to the first of them, crochet originated in Arabia, then spread eastward to Tibet and westward to Spain, and from there - in other European countries.In the second version, the first time took up the hook representatives of the primitive tribes of South America, are made with the help of ornaments.The third version is that the creators have come up with crochet many varieties of arts and crafts of the Chinese.They first appeared crocheted doll
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first mention about the art of crochet in Western Europe

first written mention of crochet called "shepherd knitting", found in the "Memoirs of the Scottish Lady Elizabeth Grant", written in the nineteenth century.Patterns to crochet was first published in 1824 in the Dutch journal "Penelope".

There is a version that crochet appeared in the nineteenth century as a form of embroidery tambour.The first crochet hooks might be as primitive bent needles with cork handle and expensive items made of silver, steel or ivory.Of course, precious hooks for rich ladies were created not only for work, but in order to draw attention to their lovely white handles.

During the famine of 1845-1849 in Ireland a form of famine relief was to ensure their orders on lace crocheted.Tradition attributes the invention of the art of crochet lace Mademoiselle Riego Irish affairs Blanchard, who in 1846 published the first book dedicated to the manufacturing of products in this technique.


in Russia in Russian art of crochet appeared in the late nineteenth century.Needlewoman specialized mainly in the manufacture of lace patterns for which they borrowed from the weaving and cross stitch.

Nowadays skills honed by centuries of crocheting has not lost its relevance.Although there was one time believed that machine knitting eventually replace manual, handmade products are becoming more and more popular.At the same time crochet seems to be more interesting and attractive than knitting.Easier to master, it allows you to create a truly unique product finest work.