you need
  • - sewing machine;
  • - thread in the color of the fabric;
  • - needle;
  • - pins;
  • - scissors;
  • - odnorozhkovaya foot for sewing machine;
  • - adhesive.
Stitch (sew together) of the skirt to the place of intended location of lightning.The beginning and end of the seam secure retraction or tie the ends of the thread knot.
Cut away the excess fabric if they were formed.Neaten free edges.
To post allowance of zipper glue from the inside adhesive strips, bend them and then iron.The adhesive need to weld is not "pulled" the fabric or deform it after zipper.The size of the adhesive strips must match the size of allowances.
Take the skirt zipper in the color of the fabric.Open it and attach to the cut so that the edges o
f units matched with zautyuzhennymi the product.Top links position 1-1.5 cm below the upper edge of the skirt, leaving room for pritachivaniya belt or piping.Pin zipper to the fabric in that position, and then baste one half of the front side of the skirt.
Close the zipper, and then baste the other polovigu the same way, aligning the upper sections.If you did everything correctly, the edge of the fabric need to come together and close the zipper without warps and folds.
Put into the machine odnorozhkovuyu ("half-hearted") zipper foot.In its absence, you can use the usual, but it must be ensured that the line is not crooked.Fill the machine with thread in the color of the fabric.
Sew the zipper from top to bottom on one side and from the bottom up - from the other.The joints must be continuous.When switching from one side to the other line you do with the letter "P" or "L" (triangle), placing them above the lateral brackets on the lower end of a zipper.Secure the line in the manner described in the first step.
Remove basting.
free edge zipper tape on the reverse side to the hem allowance of the middle or side seam of the skirt.