you find the house a handful of beads that once adorned in a bundle on your neck?And now, sadly, they lie on the bottom shelf of the closet?Do not hurry to part with him.This is an excellent material for the bracelet, this is relevant to every fashionista's wardrobe.

also choose the beads for the bracelet can be improvised in any part of jewelry.Before making a purchase, mentally try on the beads of various shapes, evaluate their size and color palette.By the way, the bracelet of colored beads attract the eyes of foreign for its originality.

first option

For the manufacture of the bracelet you will need a thin chain.Throw it on the wrist and secure the required length.If you want to drop down a bracelet in hand, the chain should move freely and not adhere tightly to the wrist.

Outlining length, the end
of the chain fasten the clip.The beads should already be on hand.If you have decided that they will be of different colors, then consider how you will alternate between them.

After one?Or three whites, then the same amount of blue, and so on until the very end?Experiment and stay on the version that you like the most.

beads strung on a chain, observing the sequence.If you want to get the visual effect of bunches of grapes, use a larger amount of beads.With fewer chain will be visible, but the band will be more gentle.

Once you reach the clamp that fixes the long, carefully cut the excess length of the chain, and connect the bracelet prepared padlock.

second option

Take the basis of the tape.To the ends did not let fringe around the edges, anneal them lighter.Then thread the bead through the tape and secure the strong knots on both sides.

Continue this action until such time until you get the desired length of the bracelet.The ends of the tape simply tie into a neat bow.The tape can pick any color.It will look especially impressive large transparent beads.

In fact, the basis for the bracelet can be leather cord, strong fishing line or string.You can build a few thin bracelets.Turn on your imagination!

interesting is the alternation of colors bracelet.Suppose one filament made from white beads, the other of magenta, the third blue.

No matter what method of manufacturing the bracelet you will select.The main thing is that the result will be an exclusive thing, which will be a bright addition to your outfit.