you need
  • - Journal of needlework;
  • - pattern
  • - tracing;
  • - pencil;
  • - pins;
  • - tissue;
  • - needles;
  • - thread;
  • - «lightning»
  • - sewing machine
First, select a sample log from things you would like to sew.In many editions of needlework have presented models are marked on the complexity of manufacturing.In addition, there are tabs with patterns where there are markings for multiple dimensions of the model (shown in different lines).
To properly find the right size for your pattern, remove the necessary measurements: waist circumference (From) and hip circumference (On).The magazines usually have a matching table settings shapes and sizes.
Now find the layout pattern suitable to you.Thereafter, the drawing must be tra
nsferred to the fabric.It is more convenient to do it with an additional pattern: put on the main pattern tracing paper and trace its outline.
Then cut a new pattern, taking into account the extra centimeters to expand (3-6 cm) seam allowance (1-2 cm), and line the bottom hem (2 cm).Circle the items on the cloth, securing her tracing via pins.
Cut a portion of the article and move on to the process of cross-linking.Start with Talieva line.Make two hem, fix them manually suture.After finishing make darts.Treat the edges of the fabric at the point where it will be cut.Be sure to insert the "lightning."Now make a hem on the bottom two lines of fabric, as first fix hand iron and iron.Then, on the underside of the skirt parts connect seam "forward needle", and after this stitching machine.So part of the fabric will not shift during operation.All seams treat using overlock.
Now remove the product on the front side and decorate depends on what the case is intended to skirt.At this stage it is not necessary to strictly follow the product design options that are available in the magazine.Come up with something of their own, so you'll create an exclusive thing that will only have you.