beginners to learn with simple products and schemes.It can be single-row chain, wide or narrow-colored bracelets.On this basis, you will learn the basic techniques of weaving, which in one form or another are present in all the decorations of beads.Knowing the circuit simple technique, you'll be able to understand how it evolved in a particular decoration.However, many clues, marked in the circuit will be redundant for you, because without them clear direction and weaving layout.
Detail of a certain size and color (beads, glass beads, bead) celebrated in a special way: this is especially evident in the color diagram on a larger scale marked all the elements
of all colors and sizes.You just have to string beads in the correct order.In monochrome color schemes are marked with the symbols and the size determined in the same manner as in color.To weave them need more attention in order not to get lost in symbols and colors.Color schemes are more common and popular.
weaving direction indicated by arrows.Typically, braiding starts at the upper left corner.The steps are arranged in order of the right or below the previous one.If in the circuit shown in the illustration, the arrows pointing in two opposite directions, then the product is woven in two needles, each of which is found naturally at the opposite end of the thread.To start working on such a product, dial the desired number of beads in the middle of the thread, and then connect the extreme and go to the next step of weaving.
In the scheme of weaving is often necessary to modify the previous step to the side beads plaiting new series.It can be celebrated without arrows, but you can manually draw them, based on the logic of the product.Universal response exists, but no weaving direction indicates that it is obvious.