How to make a simple hair elastic

You will need:

- black cloth;

- underwear elastic;

- white lace band width of one centimeter.

first step is to cut out of black fabric rectangle with sides 25 and 8 centimeters.Cut 25 cm lace braid.

put in front of the fabric facing up, attach to one slice braid so that all three of their edges coincide (braid not get out beyond the black fabric).Next you need the free end of webbing to cover the dark matter, to even the edges and gently Stitch, stepping back from the edge of not more than five millimeters (side edges grind unnecessary).

now need to get the blank turn.Cut off from the laundry gum 10 centimeters, insert it into the hole in the matter and as tightly as possible Stitch.

a needle to insert a black thread and ge

ntly blind stitch to sew one end to the other dark matter.It should be noted that it is necessary to sew as tightly as possible, but in this case the product is able to last for a long period of time.

How to gum ribbons

You will need:

- the simplest scrunchy white;

- white satin ribbon width of 2.5 cm;

- pink satin ribbon 5cm wide:

- large beads;

- needle;

- adhesive;

- thread.From

white tape cut lengths seven centimeters from the tape and Pink - 10 centimeters.All you need five white and five pieces of pink.

Next, take a piece of white tape, fold it in half and gently needle and thread color tape Sew the ends, then do the same with all the blanks (and white, and pink).The result should be 10 "petals".

now need to gather as white petals, the flower to get: spread them around and sticking together.Similarly proceed with pink blanks.

next step - assembling.It is necessary to glue the two received a "flower" together so that the flower was on top of a smaller size.In the middle of a large bead of glue.

last thing you want to do is connect with gum and artificial flower.To do this on a white piece of tape must be cut to a length of 1.5 centimeters, heavy coat with glue and carefully glue them to the wrong side of the elastic band "flower".