you need
  • - cloth (different in texture);
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - stuffing rug;
  • - the arc of the wire;
  • - different toys.
Make base mat and .For this you need a few patches of dense, non-slip, but pleasant to the touch fabric (a child will crawl over it), one whole sheet for the substrate and a filler (cotton, padding polyester).Sketch pad well and take out the size, shape of foundation - you can cut out parts of the flaps, and then connect them together.Carve substrate connect the top and bottom of the mat well, sew them together.Through a small hole, fill padded mat, spread her arms and sew.To pack does not get off, you can stitch on the machine, or to make a few stitches on the basis of the already finished.
Fabricate two arcs to which you wil
l attach toys.For them need two bases - firm but bendable sticks of wire, soft plastic, etc.Cut two strips of foam of the same length, but the width should be enough for you to wrap the base arcs once.On top of the arc should be tightened in the cases - two strips of fabric, you can take the same material that was used for the foundation.With simple carabiners that you sew the ends of the arches and the four corners of the base mat well, connect with each other all the elements.Dougie Crossover crosswise.
Make toys that you hang from the arcs.It can be stuffed toys with various fillings - wool, rustling paper or foil, cereals, large balls, etc.All elements mat and should be bright and beautiful - to develop a taste child from infancy.Hang a pair of ready-rattles, rings, figurines of animals from high quality plastic mirror, sheathed in a cloth sun, bees, etc.
Decorate the base mat well.At the bottom of the mat and should be a lot of useful toys - do item with lacing, hide under the applique rubber squeaker, a flower stick rustling, etc.Obtyanite cloth two pieces of cardboard, sew them so as to obtain a window.Inside the window embroider or draw animals, fairytale characters, or hide the mirror.The more toys fit on your mat ie, the longer the child will have fun with it, developing and playing.