What can bring this art

idea of ​​creating paintings from natural materials has spread because of the desire for naturalness and natural surroundings.This area is also called fitozhivopisyu.

people reaching for the arts and those who love it, create pictures of natural materials for their own pleasure.While some such employment brings additional income.

To begin to manufacture paintings of natural materials is not enough only one desire.Patience, good imagination and free time is also useful.

paintings created from natural materials not only help beautify the home environment, but also social or workplace.That is such a work of art, you can update the situation in a restaurant or office.The paintings create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and naturalness.

materials needed to create paintings

To get started, you need to purchase basic components.These include:

- frame;
- cardboard;
- brushes;
- paint;
- paper;
- tweezers;
- scissors;
- adhesive;
- pencils.

All other elements can be found in the forest or a park, in a flower shop on the field, the beach, or the kitchen windowsill.For such a creative fit almost any organic material.

work should begin with simple cards.Learn how to do basic things, you can start creating panels and collages.Three-dimensional picture can be made in the event that utilized all the previous steps.

Training materials

background pattern of natural materials is done in gouache or watercolor usual.Next to the work taken natural ingredients, such as flowers, grasses, berries, stems, stones, twigs, shells, bark, corn, feathers, beans, seeds, poppy seeds, peas, cereals, nuts, acorns, seeds, moss, stones, eggor nut shells, coral, fish scales, straw, sand, etc., created by nature.

Some materials should be dried, for example, stems, flowers, grass.In the preparation of raw materials, there are some nuances.Sometimes it is important to preserve the color, texture and shape of the plants at zasushivanii.Therefore, there are different technologies to get the desired result.

For zasushivaniya leaves, flowers, seeds, herbs and dressing down requires a folder that is placed under the press.This is necessary to obtain a flat-shaped materials.The collection of flowers also has its subtleties.Thus, the younger the flower, the more juicy color it has.Pelargonium, dahlias, autumn leaves, peonies and aster long enough to retain their color.And such flowers as pansies, nasturtiums or lily quickly lose their natural color.To avoid this, it is necessary to dry these materials as quickly as possible.

as a basis for future paintings fit glass, cardboard, leather, fabric, paper, metal.Soft fabric, usually attached to a solid surface.

to create surround the background using putty, wax, plaster and dry mixes.Sometimes using double sided tape.

create collages in three styles: vegetative, decorative and landscape.The first style is aimed at the transfer of the beauty of plants.It is important to point out the structure of the stems and blades of grass, elegance petals, colors, patterns of the veins.

decorative style does not limit the imagination of the master.Appropriate intricate shapes, rich colors and unique ways of presenting the material.To enhance the artistic effect such pictures are placed in the frame.

landscape style brings the beauty of nature.With it passed the sea, sunset, seasons, mountains and forest.

process works

First you need to decide what will be shown in the picture.Then, should prepare the necessary materials.On cardboard, or any other basis is drawn sketch of the future picture.Thereafter, the pattern over the decomposed materials.It helps to think about the shape, texture and color.This is followed by bonding to a base of natural materials.

Such activity can act as therapy during stressful situations.This will help calm your nerves, induce joyful emotions, to give energy.