you need
  • Six-string acoustic guitar or six-string electric guitar
begin with the entry.Put barre 2 fret, the ring finger on fret 4 string 5, the little finger on one string 5 frets.Playing down-up-down jamming.Next on deaf strings (ie press the strings, keeping the chord) up-down-up-down.Further, keeping chord upwards;removing the little finger down;placing the little finger on the string 2 5 frets up;dragging the little finger on the 4 way (the string is the same) down;removing the little finger;upwards.After that, it is desirable to go to slide seventh chord Cm7 # (0.5 Cm chord tone above and without the little finger).Format: down-up-down jamming.Further, by adding a free pinky 2 7 string fret, down-up-down jamming.Then, by depressing a chord up and down four ti
mes.Scheme repeated before the first verse 4 times before second two-fold.
We turn to the verse.We need three chords: Fm #, Cm #, E. Sequence: Fm #, Cm #, Fm #, E. 4 schemes to combat chord.About combat: it can equal 2 options: either with simple priglushkoy or simple tsoevsky (down-up bass bass-down-up).
Chorus.Chords: Fm #, Cm #, Hm, E. The first chord starts with the word "blood."Fight tsoevsky simple.Schemes to combat chord - 4.
Finals.When you play the chords just play a simple fight tsoevskim (also 4 circuits in the chord) 2 chord: Fm # and Cm #.