Ideal for Qalat is airy, light, rich soil with organic fertilizers.You can buy a ready ground for azalievyh or marantaceae only need to add the sand.Acidity it should be about pH 6-6,8.You can make your own soil of 2-3 parts leaf soil, 1 part peat, 1 part humus and one part softwood land, well add a little sand.It is also necessary to add to the composition a little pulverized coal, becauseCalathea not tolerate lime contained in the soil.With increased its content plant may simply die.Flowering Qalat fertilize mineral fertilizer for flowering plants, and the rest - for fertilizers dekorativnolistvennye.Fertilize from Apri
l to August every two weeks.In winter, reduce feeding to once every six to eight weeks.Please note that the flower does not like the excess calcium and nitrogen in the soil.Transplanting should be done strictly Qalat every two years, in the early spring.One-third of the pot should be filled with drainage, asIn summer the plant needs abundant watering.
water the plants should be as drying topsoil.In summer abundant watering is required, and in the fall and winter - a moderate.Water should be at room temperature, softened pinch of peat, wrapped in gauze, and thrown into the water.The soil in the pot should be moist, with excessive moisture rots the plant, so the water from the pan must always be drained.Lighting requires a bright diffused without direct sun.In the case of location on the south window, the plant produced brown leaves on the north window - a little dull leaves, lost all decorative.The temperature Calathea prefers mild winter and autumn 18-25, and 23-30 degrees in the summer.Does not tolerate drafts and sudden temperature changes, causing the plant to wilt.
Kalat Propagation seed that is difficult and is rarely used by amateur growers and division of rhizomes.The second method requires a mixture of equal amounts of leaf soil, peat and sand.Separated seedlings planted in the soil structure in a small pot.A year later, the plant is considered to be an adult, and requires sotvetstvuet care.If propagated by seeds, the seeds are planted in a mixture of two parts of leaf and one part of sand in small pots.Care small plants is to maintain a temperature of not less than 22 degrees, the regular Watering and protection from direct sun.