you need
  • - recorded the song in good quality;
  • - access to the Internet.
To begin, it is important to determine the order, for which it will suit your creation stations.Visit the official sites of the broadcasters, and if you see a section that will be dedicated to the work station fans, feel free to lay your track.Remember that your pre-record a song you need to qualitatively and, if possible, it is better to do it in the studio where the sound can, if necessary, to bring it to mind.
If you think that lay track on the station's website is useless, then record a song on the disc and go to the nearest office of the broadcaster.There you can leave your potential hit to listen, but th
e chances of that song Listen, enough is enough.One can only hope that the music editor among a heap of discs will choose yours.
Within days, listen to radio stations, which can help you to attract the audience.DJs often hold shares, during which students are sent own compositions of which are selected by a vote of the best accommodation in the air.This is another chance to put your song on the radio.Remember that the information on the official websites can be misleading, therefore, the most relevant information you can only get at your favorite "wave".
To promote the composition and active on the radio sometimes simply serve it at various concerts and music festivals.Your composition may mention the people who work on the radio, and offer to assist in its promotion.It will be nice if you shoot a video for their song and place it on the Internet.This can be posed or video recording of your presentation, as long as the roller drew the attention of the audience.When the song is a sufficient number of students, it interested in radio, which is important to its popular broadcaster grid composition.