you need
  • - natural wool of different colors;
  • - jar out of toys "Kinder Surprise";
  • - warm water;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - a set of special needles.
Place your desired amount of wool in a jar.Moisten it with warm water and liquid soap.Do the other half on top of the jar small hole.Close the jar and shake strongly.During this operation the excess water has drained through dyrku.Tryasite container until a hairball is not converted into a ball.Get bead and check its density, it should be firm, not wrinkled to wear.If it is not sufficiently dense, ride a ball between your palms.This is the "wet" method of felting beads.
can do it different, but similar methods.Moisten a fluff wool soap solution and begin to form a ball out
of it, rolling it between your palms, but do not make it too tight.Dip a ball of wool in a solution of a different color, and attach it to the first.Now skiers balls to high density.When the bead is ready, wash it under a stream of hot water, thus, continue to roll her palms.Leave your bead dry.
Keep in mind that after rolling the wool will sit about 1.5 - 2 times, so take the material from the stock.To get the same sized beads, pre-cut the right amount of wool.Do not use rough material, or beads are obtained "prickly".Balls, by using different colors of wool, a very beautiful and unique.They can decorate with beads, beads make it even more original.
can create beads "dry" method.But this requires a special needle that have serifs.With them goes awry and wool interwoven, forming felt.The density of the ball depends on the number of needle sticks made.The more time has been pierced bead, the harder it becomes.Better to have a different thickness of the needle to make the balls of different sizes and densities."Dry" method of rolling the beads longer than the "wet".