you need
  • - pants;
  • - otrez elastic fabric;
  • - needle and thread;
  • - sewing machine.
Remaking trousers in a convenient model for pregnant women is quite simple to implement and is available even novice needle women.You can alter any fabric: and tight jeans, and woolen and knitwear.The main advantage of these pants is still in the fact that they will be able to act partly as a prenatal bandage.
The best fit of the trousers provide the fabric with the addition of elastic fibers and well sitting on the hips, but that is not fastened to the belt.At pants rip off the belt strap is removed riveting and carefully rip out the zipper.On the front side of the fabric u
sing chalk to mark a semi-circular cut-out under the belly with regard seam allowance of 1-2 cm. Trousers clip for the intended circuit, invisible stitches sewn zipper flap and try on.If pants have pockets, and they began to puff up a little after cutting, it is recommended to sew them up a bit for a more snug fit.
Carved fragment trousers must be replaced with matching insert made of elastic fabric.For this purpose, it can be useful any good smear sheet: old knitted sweater, turtleneck, skirt, tight shirt, a part of which is an elastane or lycra.Try on a piece of fabric so that the insert is not crushed in the stomach and allows you to leave a small margin in the later stages of pregnancy.Such a yoke can be made not only for the front of the pants, but also for the back, clung to the fabric and abdomen, and lower back.The bottom of the cut elastic inserts carefully processed and applied to the hemmed edge of the cut of the pants.
insert pin of tailor needles to fabric trousers, while tucking them inside the cut edge, trying to generate the most accurate seam.Then baste pants and always try on.In that case, if the cloth trousers considerably heavier than the yoke material during stitching of the parts on the sewing machine can make additional seam rubber thread.
If the hand was not a sufficient amount of elastic material to carve out the insert at the waist, you can rip pants on the side seam to the hip line and sew the cut wedges.The wedges should be in the form of an isosceles triangle whose height corresponds to the length of the section, while the width increases the size of trousers to the desired value.Wedges cuts out of scraps of well-spun fabric based seam allowance 0.8-1 cm and carefully sewn into the side slits.If the edges of the incisions to insert eyelets and thread the laces in them or decorative ribbon, they can be used to make adjustable wedges on the trousers.