Household machines for light dresses different design, by the manufacturer and are electromechanical, electronic, sewing and embroidery.Computer sewing and embroidery machines belong to the highest class of technology.They have almost unlimited possibilities, perform up to 500 operations are connected to the Internet.
In electronic machine depends on the number of operations incorporated in her memory and program.It can perform hundreds of beautiful decorative stitches on all types of fabrics.It has an integrated display that shows the background information, advice on the art of sewing.Electric models are equipped with overlock, making overcast and trim the edges.Such a machine is not cheap, it makes sense to buy it, if you have to sew a lot of exclusive high-end items.
most common and affordable - electromechanical machines.They have a simple design, a simple mechanism makes it easy to master the sewing.Perform 10-20 operations: utility and decorative stitch welt loops in automatic or manual mode, sew on buttons.Using attachments and paws on it, you can embroider, sew in the art of quilting, sewing thread, sew a hidden zipper, do undercut fine fabrics and veils.The width of the line - depending on the model - 5-7 cm.
choosing a model, consider the design features: the presence and size of the working table - on a large surface is easier to work with large parts;automatic threading yarn easier to work;arm sewing is convenient to process the circle;top conveyor need to work with thin slip tissues;Horizontal type of bobbin thread is not confusing;Adjustable presser foot pressure can sew fabrics of different thickness;Two rod reel seat allow you to do a double line;speed control is required to perform certain operations.
sewing machines for home use must fulfill, in addition to the main lines, the function of the darning, and have: blindhem for processing bottom skirts, trousers;lines stretch;Home Overlock.Pay attention to the low-cost model: Janome, Jaguar, Brother, Singer from Asian manufacturers.European firms Bernina, Hugsvarna, Pfaff machines produce middle and upper class.They are much more expensive.