Where to start?

Decide what you would like to do.Remember that it is better able to work on the lessons at school - or cross embroider embroidery, crochet or sew.

If you do not have the basic skills, start with something elemental that is guaranteed to succeed.Decorate or applique lace old pair of jeans and decorate the edge of kitchen towels finished tape, glue rhinestones zadekoriruyte ballerina.

If you can not imagine what would have liked to get carried away, read online forums for skilled workers.You do not want to knit socks or embroider a cross?Quilting, embroidery ribbons, beadwork, macramé, wallow felt, kanzashi (making ornaments made of cloth hair) - you're sure to find something to their liking.

in fabric stores and handicraft products can be found ready-made kits - from embroidery and patchwork pieces to decorative pillows and patterns popular dolls Tilda.

not skimp on materials and tools for needlework.It would be very disappointing if the embroidery thread to make a cheap, shed and a plastic hook breaks at the wrong time.

not take the yarn, thread and fabric with a large margin.Restrict the amount that is needed for a single work.If the process is not like it would be a pity not to switch to something else.

If you have no experience, do not hold just for a complex project - may not have enough patience, and minor tweaks to spoil the mood.But the mini-embroidery for children do not buy - the finished work would be difficult to find applications.

Where can I find a teacher?

Ideally, if someone in your family has been (or engaged) needlework.You will see a good reason to visit my mother or my grandmother and ask her to help understand the intricacies of embroidery, knitting or sewing.

Another easy and convenient option - to find educational materials on the Internet.Master classes on the network enough.There are also video tutorials.Join a virtual community of skilled workers.You can always find the tested circuit and seek advice from like-minded.

But while you will not understand the intricacies of the craft, it is not necessary to download from the Internet or scheme embroidery pattern.There is a danger found substandard materials.Then, all efforts will be in vain.

who wish to learn the basics skills under the guidance of experienced masters can search workshops and seminars on handicrafts in the city.They can be both individual and group.Typically, the cost of such class includes all the necessary material.

Another option - to enroll in the evening circle or enter into local society handy people.They are usually organized on the basis of cultural centers or libraries.