you need
  • - tissue;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - gum;
  • - scissors;
  • - crayon or a pencil;
  • - thread the needle.
Pending child should please everyone, including clothes.Sew the tunic fabric favorite color and go in a comfortable thing.It is better if it is made from natural fibers, then the body will take the oxygen, the skin will breathe.
Usually tunic Maternity short.If you plan to wear under her leggings, pants, then let it be just below the hips.Measure the distance from this point to the middle of the shoulder.Multiply the resulting value by 2, add 6 cm at the bottom hem (3 - 3 for the shelves and - to the back) and 2 - on the shoulder seams front and rear portions.Such lengths will need to buy fabric.
If you want to wear a tunic as a short
dress, then let the hem ends at the knee or 10-15 cm before it.
Obmerte volume of his tummy, add 5 cm. This measurement - the width of the rectangle.The length of it you identified earlier.Cut a rectangle of fabric, so that its two shorter sides lying in the common thread.
Fold the receipt of the item in half.Stitch.The seam will be back.Now fold the product so that the seam was severely behind in the middle.Take a pair of scissors, cut out the recess for the neck and back forehand.The latter is done by 3-5 cm higher than the recess neck shelves.
Arrange the shoulder line.They should be slightly chamfered towards the armhole.Stitch the seams.Deal with bias binding neck, leaving the place to go became gum.Stretch it across the neck and sew together the end of gum.
to the bottom of the tunic stitched frill you can just bend or skirt inside out and hem.Deal with bias binding armhole.
second model of the pattern is sewn.Attach it to the tracing, redraw parts.Transfer them to the fabric.Outline using chalk on the dark or a simple pencil on a white cloth.Cut out the parts, leaving 1.5 cm allowances for seams and 3 cm at the bottom of the trough.
Fold detail shelves and back right sides.Stitch side and shoulder seams.Treat them with overlock or zigzag stitch.Fold the piece in half sleeves, prostrochite.Sew both sleeves into armholes.Otgladte seams.
Hem the bottom of tunic and sleeves.Otutyuzhte all product and present yourselves in the new thing in front of people in the household.