Cushion petals

update the interior without the high cost can be by placing it unusual cushions.Decorate the living room and bedroom pillows with bright petals.Sewn this pillowcase easy for its production will need main fabric for the front and rear side, as well as pieces of contrasting fabric of two colors.

to cushion 50 x 50 cm, cut 16 squares with a side of 26 cm: 4 of contrast material and 8 - from the main.Prepare the pattern of the basics: draw a diagonal, parallel to it, stepping back 1 cm, draw a line connection petals.Aside from the center perpendicular to the 5 cm. A point swipe curve resembling half a petal.

Now assemble the "layer cake": the first layer - the main fabric;second and third - the contrast material;the fourth - a square-pattern.You should now have 4 parts.Through connec
tions prostrochite all layers of petals, cut along the contour of a petal.Expand the pattern, remove excess matter contrast, will square with petals in the middle.They should bend and iron.The fabric is not drizzled, overlozhte edges of petals.

Staple elements together, get the front part.Connect it and the back part pillowcases stitched on three sides.Fill it hollofayber, sew the fourth side.

Fantasy cushion

Demonstrating fiction, you can sew a pillow that simulates a fire.Need pieces of red, white and yellow satin or crepe satin.Draw flames on the fabric: a white - a big fire on the red - a smaller and quite small - on the yellow.

Make a pattern of each color in duplicate.Scribbled in engineering applications (small zigzag) on ​​white "flame" - red on the red element - the yellow pattern.For details not shifted how their pins.Connect the two parts by folding them face inward, and leave room for eversion.Remove the fill filler scrap syntepon, pen hollofayber, sew.

The children's room is appropriate to pillow-little animals, such as a cat.Cut out two circles of matter with a diameter of 15 cm, sew, fill synthetic padding.Sew the ears, nose, button, sew her mouth, mustache - it will be the head.Fabricate legs and tail.Trunk can serve as a rectangular bag with a zipper on the stomach.Be sure to sew a pillow case in detail.Make it convenient special needle for sewing soft toys.Insert the pillow-cat pillow.