Embroidery rose ribbons: a way №1

to embroider flower ribbons, guided by the most simple way, must be performed on tissues 5 stitch length strong thick thread.The stitches should go from one point to form the shape of an asterisk (snowflakes).

Now take a thin crochet hook (or awl) and ribbon embroidery.Leave on the wrong side of the fabric about 10 cm ribbon and print it on the front side as close as possible to the center of the snowflake thread.

Like a rose embroidered ribbons

now lead satin ribbon counterclockwise, spending her stitches above and below the "snowflakes" in a circle.Gradually, t

he diameter of the flower will grow.

Each layer is carried out in a circle the tape should be placed as much as possible close to the previous one, and even a little go at him.So get a lush flower will look neat.When the entire tape is used up, it should be the end of the season with a ready-made petals.

Production rose of satin ribbon: a way №2

This method involves the production of flower, which can then be glued or sewn to the product.First we need to lay down a satin ribbon in half, then, begin to collect from it, "accordion", setting the stage for the tape from right to left and vice versa.

lower edge of the tape plant on top.Try to stick to "accordion" without letting it dissolve.

Roses from tapes

Release "accordion" and slowly pull the free end of the tape to "accordion" began to gather.Do not rush to pull the tape until it does not take the form of a rose.Ready flower fasten thread and sew the product you want to decorate.The ends of the satin ribbons are best singe that they have not started to blossom.

Knowing how to embroider a rose ribbons and using these simple techniques, you will not only beautify sozhet any product, but create beautiful and original compositions of satin flowers.