Bias binding got its name thanks to a special manufacturing method.It lies in the fact that the strips of cloth for Bakey strictly Molds cut on the bias.If the matter to try to cut the transverse or share the same line, such inlay can not be laid out in a circle, and is suitable only for processing of direct and flat areas of the product.

With satin piping can make beautiful border on cut sections of tulle, curtains or blinds.

Simple curtains kroyatsya usually straight, and this work on their edging becomes easier.For example, an experienced tailor sew slash Bakey, using a single seam without any smetyvaniya.

When processing curtains raskroennyh on the bias, and often resort to the help of the factory Bakey.The cut edge of the fabric to be pr
ocessed only after the inlay is a good figure in half and carefully ironed.Hem must pass quality iron the edges on both sides.

before cutting the fabric is to calculate the total length of the piping, which is necessary to outline the product, as well as small parts.If you add a slash Bakey in half and stitch, it can be used for the manufacture of laces and other decorative elements.

Do not forget that you can make oblique Bakey own.It will not take much time, you only need to cut out the matter appropriately.In addition, border inlay, made of the same material as the product itself, it looks a lot prettier than the treatment of the edges of the product of a different quality inlay.

double bias binding cut out a curved line at an angle of 45 degrees.Zautyuzhennye edges must be folded lengthwise along the line, which is slightly back from center.One side of the inlay should be slightly narrower.Important to remember that a narrow side must be on top.Broad also be located under the fabric, and conveniently captured by a needle.Only in this case, the processing is pretty cut and quality.

In recent years gained popularity bezel inlay satin wedding dress and veil.Often with the help of bias binding processing is performed neck and sleeves.However, to undertake such treatment is only in the presence of certain skills.Prior to treatment garments best practice, for example, on the curtains.This will help "fill" hand and to gain experience in working with inlay.