you need
  • Yarn, spokes, hook.
Purchase a basic set, which is required for knitting.It may be needles, hook, knitting yarn.Spokes and hook buy metal, they serve for a long time, unlike plastic counterparts.Yarn take a medium thickness, learn to knit them much easier, as can be clearly seen vyvyazyvayut loop.
Read books on knitting.Not bad, if you find a tutorial for beginners.In these books in detail and in simple language describes the basic techniques and patterns for knitting.When crocheting there are loops: air, polustolbik, slolbik without nakida, columns with nikidom.If you immediately begin to knitting, you will encounter concepts such as facial, purl, edge loops.
Do not place in front of a huge goal.Begin knitting g
radually, and if absolutely nothing happens, ask for help to people who have similar experiences.Start with the most simple and daily Improve your skills.After a few days of training, you will understand if you should continue to knit and whether you like doing it.
Learn to knit only in a calm atmosphere, without other people.So you will be able to concentrate, and the process of knitting goes faster.Treat knitting as a hobby.At first, it would be nice to learn how to recruit and to close the loop.Dial a loop using two needles and double strand, so that the edge was more dense product.Close the loop with a hook, while provyazyvaya 2 loops.If knitting needles are very sharp, and your hands hurt, even after non-durable knit, refer to the workshop so that you blunt edge.
hook or knitting needles to keep learning from the beginning correct.The hands should be as relaxed and not tense.The thread is constantly adhere to, making sure that there are no knots and tears.Knitting clothing or interior proceed after learn all the tricks.