you need
  • - lnochesalnye machines;
  • - mixing equipment;
  • - carding machines;
  • - collators machines;
  • - spinning machine;
  • - spinning trough;
  • - water;
  • - combs;
  • - spindle.
Sort long flax fibers and short feathering.This must be done for the reason that each of the fiber winding process represented flax different operations.
of short flax fiber and feathering on the mixing equipment, create flax you: linen is placed in a machine that is programmed to perform this operatsii.Zatem using the card, make a carding.After that, a special accommo
date flax s previously formed flax roving you do, that is, thin, a little recycled flax point.
long flax fiber in place lnochesalnoe equipment, which will be produced by carding flax.After using a fold-out cars from scratching your shape flax fibers you, which are then done on special equipment rovings.
Follow decoction obtained rovings, its bleaching and dyeing, if necessary.After all vysheperechis flax opera- tions, send the linen yarn on a spinning machine.
If winding flax performed wet, put roving spinning in the trough into which pour hot (when roving severe) or warm (provided that the roving "boiled") water.This procedure is called maceration.Then attach the roving drafting system and wind the resulting yarn on the cob.Then dry the yarn.
Provided that the winding occurs flax dry process, feedstock use flax you.Place flax you flax to the spinning machine and follow the winding yarn for special ears.
If there is no special equipment for spinning flax, you can use wooden combs with a spindle.Linen prepared for winding: soaked, dried, and then a good prominaetsya, and after it is done Beating.After beating sort flax quality and comb.And after all these procedures place Homework flax ny flax the ridge and twisting hand flax fibers into yarn, wrap the resulting thread on the spindle.