In the production of all kinds of material used weave.They are divided into 4 categories: simple (basic), large-figured, complex and melkouzorchatye.The most simple and well-known plexus: plain, Satin (Satin) and twill.The surface material rovnenko without gloss and gloss (matte).Canvas looks identical to both the front and the reverse side.Plain weave produced a great variety of textiles: gauze, silk (chiffon, crepe de Chine), woolen fabric, linen cloth (canvas, buckram).
Satin (satin) weave has a smooth, dense surface and the different strands of elongated beams.The smooth satin plexus long stretches on the surface of cloth form the warp, and if the opposite - long sections
of the thread formed weft yarns, the fabric is called sateen.Fabrics data plexes remarkable excellent resistance and high strength.They are often used as the backing.Thus, the produced silk, fine cotton, cotton cloth, acetate fiber (rayon).
twill weave it is possible to determine the dressing fabric.The appearance of a tightly woven material includes a tiny scar that forms along the plane of the fabric diagonal pattern.As a rule, the direction of the convex stripes drawn from the bottom up and from left to right, right to left, it is very rare.
steepness of the slope of the scar on the matter depends on the optimal ratio of the thickness of the warp and weft strands.Produce with diagonal braided fabric: teak, gabardine and silk (lining) fabrics, jeans (denim), and cotton (dress) and linen (for sewing slipcovers).Are widespread wool blend fabrics - the basis of cotton and woolen weft.
produce large-figured weave on a loom with a special mechanism - jacquard machines.With Jacquard fabrics produce various forms of relief pattern with a large carpets, patterned and platevye Tapestry matter, tapestry, tablecloths.
Melkouzorchatoe weave is characterized by small repeating pattern on the surface of the matter.It is used in the formulation of toweling (waffle) fabrics, flannel and platevye and suit fabrics.
complex interplay allocated diversity and remarkable presence of three or four strands systems.With them get thicker fabrics that are used in the manufacture of thick woolen cloth, velvet, velor fabric plush, velvet and faux fur.